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Slippery Wetsuits
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Slippery Matrix Combo Suit
Slippery Matrix Combo Suit
(Slippery Wetsuits)

The Slippery Matrix Combo Wetsuits is our finest wetsuit. Designed and developed with input from National and World Champion riders, the Matrix boasts the lightest, most flexible neoprene known to man. Totally redesigned for '09, its watertight seal, versatile jacket and added silk touch jersey allow warmth, flexibility and comfort that is second to none.

Slippery Shogun Wetsuit
Slippery Shogun Wetsuit
(Slippery Wetsuits)

The new Slippery Shogun wetsuits are a perfect blend of modern technology and technical materials that deliver unrivaled performance. Our top of the line X-Flex lightweight neoprene allows for maximum flexibility and is backed with a silk jersey to ensure superior comfort. We also added Dura-shield to the chest, arms, and back areas to block unwanted wind and/or water splash for those colder days. This wetsuit is assured to make everyday riding a memorable one.

Switch Race Suit
Slippery Switch Race Suit
$ 149.95
(Slippery Wetsuits)

Designed to exceed the demands of the world's fastest riders, the Slippery Switch Race Suit is purpose-built for riders that push their machines and their bodies to the limits. Maximum flexibility with serious coverage in all the right places, this is the suit you need to keep your focus on the finish line.

Reform Spring Suit
Slippery Reform
Spring Suit $94.95
(Slippery Wetsuits)

The perfect Slippery wetsuits for those days when the water conditions don't require a full suit. The 100% superstretch neoprene chassis provides unrestricted movement and a fit that truly feels like a "second skin" that molds to your body.
Reform Spring Suit
Slippery Women's
Reform Spring Suit $174.95
(Slippery Wetsuits)

Our Women's Slippery Reform wetsuits offers the same great technical features as our men's suit, but with one added benefit - the suit is anatomically cut for a woman's body. Its 100% superstretch Neoprene chassis allows for ultimate flexibility, comfort, and a prefect fit.
Men's Reform John Suit
Slippery Men's
Reform John Suit $124.95
(Slippery Wetsuits)

The all new Slippery Reform John wetsuits are the ultimate wetsuit for recreational riding. Offering just the right amount of coverage and warmth, the Reform John is an incredible value. The 100% superstretch neoprene chassis provides unrestricted movement and a fit that truly feels like a "second skin" that molds to your body. One ride and you'll never go without a suit again.

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