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PWC SALVAGE         

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PWC Salvage


All 1992 Sea Doo SP 580 Salvage & Used Parts
*cylinder head

All 1993 Sea Doo SPi 587/580 Salvage & Used Parts

*clutch-fly PTO
*cylinder assembly w/pistons & rings

*exhaust manifold
*ignition/magneto cover

All 1994 Sea Doo XP 650/657 Salvage & Used Parts
*air box base
*armature plate
*bumper-rear trim
*carb assembly/dual

*CDI module
*clutch fly PTO
*crankcase assembly
*cylinder head
*cylinder head cover
*drive shaft
*electrical box-complete
*engine rubber motor mount
*engine support bracket

*exhaust outlet
exhaust pipe

*fuel filler neck hose
*fuel tank
*flywheel assembly
*ignition coil
*ignition cover
*ignition housing
*oil cap assembly
*oil tank
*oil level sensor
*oil pump assembly
*PTO cover
*pump assembly-complete
*pump intake grate
*rectifier regulator assembly
*rotary cover

*seat assembly-complete
*starter assembly
*steering-cable support bracket

*steering-front support bracket
*steering-rear support bracket
*steering cable
*steering stem
*starter solenoid

*throttle housing
*trim cable
*VTS trim assembly
*VTS trim module
All 1996 Sea Doo XP 787/800 Salvage & Used Parts
*clutch flywheel-pto
*counter-balance shaft asmbly

*crankcase assembly
*crankcase assembly-scored

*cylinder head cover
*engine support
*exhaust hose
*fuel filler neck hose
*ignition housing cover
*intake grate
*oil cap assembly
*oil pump assembly
*oil pump flange
*oil sensor

*oil tank
*pump assembly-complete

*choke cable

*dashboard assembly
*electrical box-complete
*engine support
*engine motor mount-front
*engine motor mount-rear
*exhaust-head pipe
*exhaust-lower pipe
*exhaust manifold
*flywheel hub
*fuel/gas filler neck hose

*fuel/gas tank
*glove box assembly
*guage switch


*ignition switch
*ignition housing
*ignition housing cover

*interm electrical harness

*magneto flywheel

*mirror support-RH-green
*mirror support-LH-green

*muffler-water box
*oil fill neck hose
*oil pump assembly
*oil tank assembly
*pump assembly-complete
*pump ride plate
*pump shoe

*rear grab handle-black
*rear bumper trim insert-black
*rear bumper extension-black

*rear electrical box cover
*rear PTO cover

*reverse lever & handle

*seat assembly-front/green
*seat assembly-rear/green

*seat bridge w/vent hoses
*seat divider/upper bridge

*sensor assembly
*side bumper-black

*side bumper trim insert-blk

*steering stem
*steering stem & thrust arm
*storage cover-lower

*temperature sensor
*vent hose
*cylinder sleeve
88mm by L.A.Ssleeve

*mirror part-l.h.:
part# 291000298
*steering column handle
cover- purple

*steering/reverse cable:
part# 277000249
*steering/reverse cable:
part# 277000228

*water channel cover:
part# 420811231
Waverunner Salvage

All 1994 YAMAHA WaveBlaster 701 Salvage & Used Parts

All 1996 YAMAHA WaveRaider 1100 Salvage & Used Parts
*cylinder assembly
*cylinder head cover
*electrical-ignition coil cover
*electrical-CDI unit assembly
*electrical-pulsar coil
*elec. rectifier/reg. assembly
*electrical-stator assembly
*elec. thermo switch asmbly.
*electrical-wire extension
*engine-front upper bracket
*engine-rear upper bracket
*exhaust manifold
*flywheel cover
*intake manifold

*reed valave assembly
*rotor assembly
All 1996 YAMAHA WaveVenture 700 Salvage & Used Parts
*base assembly
*bearing housing
*carburetor #1 assembly
*carburetor #2 assembly
*carburetor cover
*carburetor cover 2
*CDI unit assembly
*choke cable
*coupling flange
*crankcase assembly
*electrical box
*engine-front & rear bracket

*engine hatch-purple
*exhaust head pipe
*exhaust hose
*exhaust joint L
*exhaust joint R
*exhaust manifold
*flywheel cover #1
*flywheel cover#2
*fuel sensor

*gas cap & socket
*gas tank
*handlebar pad
*ignition coil assembly
*intake manifold#1
*intake manifold#2
*intake pipe
*muffler stay1

*oil filler hose
*oil sensor
*oil tank
*ride plate
*reverse cable
*reverse lever assembly
*rotor assembly#1
*rotor assembly#2
*seat assembly-front
*seat assembly-rear
*starter idler gear
*starter relay
*steering cable
*steering column
*steering nozzle w/reverse
*thermo switch assembly
*throttle cable
*water box/muffler
*wire extension

part# GJ3-U251D-01-00

part# GJ3-U2519-20-00

*trim control cable:
part# GP7-U153D-00-00
*Gp1200 piston kit:
part# #65U-11631-02-90
Jet Ski Salvage
Jet Ski Accessories

All 1993 KAWASAKI SS 750 Salvage & Used Parts

*air intake cover
*carb assembly
*cdi igniter
*drive shaft & coupling
*drive shaft bearing-thru hull
*electric case
*engine cylinders
*exhaust manifold
*exhaust pipe-upper
*exhaust vibration isolater
*flame arrestor base plate

*fuel filter
*fuel meter display
*fuel selector
*gas tank
*generator/magneto cover

*handle pole cover (blue)
*hatch cover (blue)
*ignition coil
*intake manifold
*intake silencer duct

*oil level switch
*oil pump assembly
*oil tank
*overtemp switch

*motor mount plate
*motor mounts-rubber
*pump assembly-complete
*ride plate
*seat assembly
*starter cable
*starter relay switch
*start/stop switch
*steering column assembly
*storage compartment
*voltage regulator
*water box tube
*fuel tank
*air intake case
*air intake cover
*CDI ignitor
*crankcaes w/ crankshaft
*drive shaft & coupling

*cylinder head
*cylinder housing
*exhaust head pipe
*exhaust manifold
*exhaust outlet end cap
*finger throttle & cable
*front compartment hood
*front compartment seal trim

*fuel level switch/sensor
*fuel tank
*fuel tank hose
*generator cover
*glove box storage case
*handle pad

*ignition coil #2
*ignition coil #3
*jet pump-complete
*magneto rotor
*meter display assembly
*mirror assembly-L.H./yellow
*mirror assembly-R.H./yellow

*oil level switch/sensor
*oil pump assembly
*oil pump engine cover
*oil tank
*reverse lever assembly
*seat assembly
*steering assembly
*tow hook/bar
*water temp switch
*wiring harness-main
*kawasaki 1100stx/zxi/stxdi

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